Get started with SharePDF

Start collecting reading analytics for your PDF documents

Start collecting reading analytics for your PDF documents

1. Create a document

After signing up for SharePDF, the first thing you need to do to get started is to create a document from the dashboard. You enter the flow by clicking the pink "+ Document" button right of the title.

SharePDF document creation flow

In the document creation flow, first provide a document name and then upload a PDF document.

2. Configure the reader

After uploading the PDF and completing the document creation flow, you land on the document details page. Next step is to configure the PDF reader according to your liking. The following options are available:

SharePDF configure reader
  • Show branded toolbar: this setting controls whether the PDF reader has a toolbar with logo and buttons. You can disable the toolbar if you're planning to embed the reader inside your app as part of a bigger page or if you want to build your own toolbar.
  • Your company: configures the toolbar title
  • Toolbar colors: configure the background and accent color for the toolbar and text
  • Back arrow and link: configure whether the toolbar should have a back arrow and where it should navigate the user. This feature is useful if you don't want to embed the reader, but use the
  • Button colors and link: configure whether to show a call to action button on the right side of the toolbar and if so in what colors. Link will take a url and navigate the user there when the button gets clicked.

As you update the above parameters, you'll see the sample document reader below change style.

3. Use the reader

There's two different ways you can use the reader that you just configured. The first one is to use the link link directly and link to it from your website, email social media etc.
The alternative is for you to embed the reader as a widget inside one of your webpages.

The Share PDF card on the document details page contains instructions to do both.

4. Analyse reading behaviour

After sharing your PDF, you can come back to the document details page to get detailed reading analytics for the document. At launch we offer four following charts and we'll work to launch more in the future:

  • Document Views: this charts shows how many times the document has been viewed on every day in the last 30 days.
  • Document Readers: this chart shows how many unique readers the document had on every day in the last 30 days.
  • Document Page Views: this chart shows inside the document, how many views each page got in the last 30 days.
  • Document Search: this chart shows the most popular search terms readers used inside the document.