Introducing SharePDF

Why we decided to build SharePDF

Introducing SharePDF

Product Information Documents

The idea for SharePDF came up from my day job as a product manager at a fast-growing Fintech startup. The company sells investment products and to be able to offer them on our platform, we create product information documents i.e. prospectus documents to describe the investment opportunity. Those documents are very detailed and their length can range up to 100 pages. We make those documents available to our customers through a data room on our platform, where they can be downloaded by our customers to do due diligence.

The problem

On our platform we make extensive use of application analytics tools to understand user behavior and keep improving our user experience as well as the conversion rates in our most important funnels. Yet again, when customers download our investment brochures, we loose all insight. This means we have a very optimised user flow for customers to enter their orders in the system, however have little clue what they do during due diligence, while actually deciding on making the investment or not.

Seeing the potential for significantly increasing orders, we started looking at different tools out there.

Other solutions out there

We found many tools that help companies deliver PDF documents. However, they were mostly focused on Digital Rights Management (DRM), allowing strict control over who can access documents. They were expensive and only had very basic tools to get understand the behaviour of readers in the document.

Why we build SharePDF

This is exactly why we decided to build SharePDF, to help companies improve their brochures, white papers, prospectus' and product information sheets by giving them detailed insights in how their customers interact with those documents while making buying decisions. SharePDF will provide you with invaluable insights that will help you increase sales from PDF documents as a content distribution channel.